InHouseit‘s legal business partners strive to cover the majority of your organisation’s legal requirements. We have concluded that a large proportion of legal queries raised by SMEs can be covered by four key areas. These are Employment, Commercial, Corporate and Intellectual Property services.

Our legal business partners are tasked with understanding the commercial realities of your company so they can provide a tailored and complete legal solution. See the service examples below:

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InHouseit ensures all organisations that we work with have complete coverage in terms of legal support. However, you may have legal requirements outside of the core services outlined above and so we are proud to introduce Business Partner Plus.

Business Partner Plus is a completely unique service devised by InHouseit to support company owners and directors to navigate the complex and expensive world of legal services. We will act as a legal consultant within your company, supporting you with all issues that arise from property to tax queries and regulatory to criminal issues.

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